Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chapter 25/Black Bill, Big BIll, Red Bill and Mini Bill

Chapter 25/Black Bill, Big Bill, Red Bill and MINI BILL! Come on PEOPLE!!!!!!!! WERE OFF!

Mom was going to start a new series on my blog today but we have something we just have to share we just have to!. We woke up this morning and there was a new BILL!

Mini Bill

And he’s so cute and he’s Little Bitty just like our “Little Bitty” and he’s sort of reddish blonde and he has a white mane. We were so excited, we HAD to go see him so off we went.

Big Bill

Big Bill and Red Bill think they are top horse, but Mini Bill shows them! Of Course Annoying had to go nose to nose with Mini Bill and not sure either one of them were pleased with the outcome, but she IS on a leash. Heh heh heh.. Big Bill and Mini Bill

Then of course Little Brother gets into the action. I don’t know WHAT he was thinking but he just bounded right in the middle of 3 Equines!!!!! :)Oh I did find that amusing, but I was just a tad worried that they might not understand that Little Bro is just not too bright about places he jumps in to! But Lil Bro prevails and dashes out with hair standing out ALL over his little stubby tailed little body!

Little Brother escaping!

Big Bill, Red Bill and Mini Bill! They are beautiful!

Anyway after we admired Mini Bill and did our brisk walk I took my little dip in the pond :) and Dad even did the stick throwing, although, it’s too cold for me to want to go too far!

Mom say’s we have the best of both worlds.. She has Black Bill out her office window to watch and we have this beautiful back yard and the field with the white fence and a long line of horses coming and going! And we don’t have to feed them or clean up after them or any of the stuff people complain about. We just get to look and play with them :)
We’ve had a black horse and white horse and a pair of Hurricane Horses and the red horse and the dark horse, the black horse out the office and now the MINI! Life is good!HI COUSIN NIKKI. .... Mom in PURPLE :)


  1. PERFECT!!!!!! Yeah for Bills! You know what kind I mean. :)