Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On the road with TWO(count them) TWO BOYS!

To the Beach to the beach to the Beach! Papa and I took two of our little boys to the beach! Liam had never seen the Gulf and Riley had seen it but didn't get to play in it cuz it was so cold!

It was our 'back to school bash'!

Doing the happy dance at the first motel! WOW were they glad to get out of the car!

And the next day we arrived!

Oh man were they happy to get their feet in the water! and hands in the S A N D !!!!!

He just wanted to squeeze and squeeze it!

I loved wearing his shirt in Alabama :)

Watch out Liam your just a half a body away!

My very handsome guys!

He LOVED jumping the waves!

He never got burned!

If someone walked back in the dark, that could be dangerous!

He doesn't see the shark approaching :)

On the one rainy day we went to the Sea Park and saw Dolphins and seals and all sorts of stuff!

My favorite picture of Riley. He's watching the Sea Lions.

A great evening on the beach.. Oh boy we hated to leave!

At the motel on way home. They had a ball swimming!

This was just "some" of the commentary on the way down there!

L= Liam




L: We need lots of gas!

R: Were not driving a semi!

L: What’s a Semi??????

P: A really big truck.

L: As big as yours?

G: No baby it’s like those long ones that have trailers.

L: Then how much gas do we need.


L :Watch out car!

L: Got your sun glasses on Riley?

R: Nah, don’t need them.

L: Are we on the Florida Hwy?

L: I think Riley fell out!

L:I’m hungry! (we’ve been on the road 25 minutes!)

L: There are too many TN cars. After we leave TN. We will be in California!

G. Where did that come from???

L: When I get to FL I’m going to ride on a humpback Whale!

L: We need one of those!!!!! (Jet Ski)

R: OH YEAH!!!!!

L:I want to see a movie

R. Ok Toy Story 1,2 or 3?

(15 min later)

L: It’s OVER!


R: Are we going to eat at Shoney’s?

G: NO!

R: ahhhhhhhh

G: Ok, if you eat liver and onions we will.


R. Are we stopping soon?

P: No we need to go 150 more miles.

R: Papa, can you go 200 miles per hour???? :)

L: Have you seen my suitcase?

P: No. Did you bring clothes?

L: No.

P: are you going naked?



P: Someone shoot that boy!

R: Bang bang! I DID!

Day 2

L: I’m hungry!

L: Where is my Bunny?

L: Papa are you lost?

P: No, I’m trying to find a place that feeds monsters

L: I’m FULL! (5 min)

L: Were on the way to Florida, I want to be buried in the sand again! Will you do that Papa?

R: Are you going to open your mouth under the sand J

L: (LOUDLY) California here we come! (we have no clue)

L: I have a hamster! I give him fries and he gives me sugars!

P: (we had stopped to walk around) We are just pulling up here a little you don’t have to put on your seat belt.

L: I’ll just run along behind!

P: uhhhh nooooooooo

P: Were going to go in to a storm


L: When we get to Florida it won’t rain!

P. Look guys were going over the big bridge!

R: OH WOW.. Is that the ocean?

G: It’s the bay

L. Bay bay bay bay… I’m so excited!

L: Papa you have a dumb GPS

P: Yes we know

R: Were here!! Can we go in too?

G. oh absolutely! :)


  1. The boy's commentary, is some of the funniest I ever read...I'm so glad y'all got to go & thank you so very much.

  2. The sand is so beautiful. It looks like snow. The boys talking is so funny! I'm glad you had such a good time.