Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PNW Tour Day 2

Good Morning PORTLAND OREGON!!!!!!!!!! Woke up refreshed and ready to plow in to our adventure for the next 9 days:) It's foggy and damp and not very pretty or warm but the weather man says it's going to warm up.

First we are off to see my Uncle Lyle who lives in Tigard Oregon, which is really just a suburb of Portland. With our handy little GPS and our cell phone we located their apartment with no problem!

Uncle Lyle looked good and it was so good to see him again. He, Carol Brownie and I had a nice visit.

He has a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood. While we were there visiting the sun started burning thru the "low clouds or high fog" and it was turning in to a lovely day! We talked about old times and new times and then we have to say goodbye. It's always hard to say goodbye to my Uncles, I miss them very much.

So then it was off to see sweet cousin Teri just about 10 minutes away. Quick stop at Sonic for some lemonade and were off.

Teri looks great.

She's a busy lady, writing, working and mothering :) The sun was out and we were able to sit outside and have a nice conversation and look around her back yard at the beautiful flowers.

Then we moved to the front yard to see some more lovely flowers!
And to see her lovely new stone worked patio that is in the process of being constructed. Teri has a lovely place, just as lovely as she is.

So we said our sad good byes and went to get a bite to eat for lunch then off to the bridge between Oregon and Washington! I love the interstate that runs up from Portland to Olympia.

It's so scenic and beautiful. I wanted to be able to see Mt. St. Helens but the low clouds blocked it.

That's what it would have looked like IF we could have seen it !

We had the map to what we thought was the cemetery where my great grandparents are buried but it sent us to Tumwater rather then Elma.. (about a 2 hour mistake) I phoned my cousin Neil and he got us in the right direction!

By the time we got to Elma, where the Oddfellows Cemetery is located it was getting pretty late in the day. So we've already lost several hours that we planned on visiting people, but when you take this sort of trip that's what happens!

So after we arrive at the cemetery I phone my cousin Mary Ann and she directs us easily to the stones.
I had so badly wanted my own pictures of these stones. I have a story written down somewhere about how my g. grandfather was shot in the Civil War and the bullet moved his heart over so he survived :) He really sounded like a character!

So now were off to Shelton. It's too late in the day to meet with cousin Joy as we had planned but we found a lovely motel and had the best meal at a Mexican Restaurant that we had the entire trip!

Long day, fun day, busy day, emotional day... Tired and headed for the bed!


  1. Everyone does look good~

  2. Auntie is that the bridge from Astoria, OR going thru Ilwaco, WA? It looks so familiar. You sound so busy and rushed through you trip! I'm hoping you had some time to sit and breath at some point!