Saturday, September 11, 2010

PNW Tour Day 3

Good Morning Shelton Washington! Woke up to another beautiful Day! The Motel was very nice and got a good rest. I immediately called my cousin Joy so we could meet for breakfast. She and Phil came a runnin(or Cadillac drivin :) )
and were off for our morning.

I've missed Joy and she had some serious medical issues so was really anxious to hug her and know she was OK.We were close to her at Christmas time but the weather was terrible and we both had health stuff going on so I needed to make it up!

After breakfast we did the tour of Shelton :) saw their friends Rock store, we visited their beautiful new little home they are fixing up.

or shall I say Phil is fixing up and Joy is supervising. She's working hard on her yard sale items. She knows how to give them and make them sellable and attractive

After we did the in town headed up on a drive around Hood Canal.

I never tire of seeing the beauty of the state I call home.

It was a beautiful day so we were able to get out and walk, take some pictures and watch the fishermen.

We had a lovely morning and hated to say good bye. It was relaxing and most pleasurable but we needed to get to Puyallup to see my Uncle George.

Our drive from Shelton to Puyallup was mostly on interstate and VERY busy in Tacoma. Although we didn't have any trouble getting there. AND I saw "my" Mountain!

Now this is the mountain I grew up with. I just don't know much about the others, I just remember waking up in the morning and seeing the mountain out of our breakfast nook window. This, of course, is Mt. Rainier.

We also drove past were my first daughter Suzanne was born at Ft. Lewis. Didn't have the time or I would have got in to get a picture for her.

My Uncle George is my father's baby brother and he's a pistol. Close to 94 years old and still drives his little red pick up to his lake house to get wood each week.

We really did have a good visit and he talked about my dad to me, that's always special, because he has been gone for many many years. My Uncle George was at the hospital with me when my Dad died.

Was sorry that Eloise left and we didn't get to see her. Wanted to see her pretty yard.

We had such a good visit with him and like it is with Uncle Lyle it's always hard to say goodbye to Uncle George.

We found a lovely hotel up on the hill in Puyallup and it had a lovely restaurant with it. And we could see a Denny's for breakfast!

Starting to get a little too tired. Have to see and deliver a friend a gift in the morning, so were in bed and slept good.


  1. Don't you mean Lenny's? You had some great weather while you were there!