Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January has ENDED!!!!!!!!!!

In case someone on this earth doesn't know, I HATE January's!!!! Tennessee is a beautiful state but UGLY in January.. UGLY UGLY UGLY.. no green, just grey and dreary. February can be bad but sometimes we have Daffodils for Valentines day! Sometimes we also have snow for the day :)

On New Years Day we spent the day on the beach in St. Augustine Florida. Probably the only really warm day we had there the entire week. But we did have fun with da boy.

Most of January were medically related. regular doctor, Eye doctor

(follow up from the surgery) and then further dental surgery!!!!!!!!

Then the pain the pain. It wasn't actually surgery it was placing the final screws in but I got some really bad sores in my mouth and since I no longer have pain pills It has been rough.

Riley was the SUPER STAR of the Music Man and I got to see him twice! On his last performance it was his 12Th birthday :) Hard to believe he's been in our family since he was 6 years old, I can't remember life without him.

It snowed most of January. Not sure how many days the kids have missed from school but even Caroline missed some in mid Mississippi! It's so pretty at first then.......Up until Sunday I could still see piles of it around.

I got my new glasses but they are just not working for me. I went back the next week and they changed the script and made the trifocals more to my liking.

We got our Digital TV installed and I LOVE IT. We had to call this really nasty woman in Jackson MS about the box in our living room. She wanted US to fix it. The nice kid did come and change it around!

The President gave an amazing State of the Union Speech! He's so smart and so in control, I know it drives the Pee Farty crazy.

I was very inspired by him!

Liam came on the last day of January and he helped make his JOHN DEERE Cake!!!!!!!! He had fun but he had a fever and has a bad cold. He also helped decorate the cupcakes for his class!

February I'm cleaning my office!!!!!!! and I think we are getting the living room and hall painted!
Brownie's going to scrub down the kitchen.



  1. Well if it's any consolation...my dogwood or cherry tree (I'm unsure yet after 4 years what kind of tree it is) is sporatically blooming, my Rhody is blooming, which doesn't normally bloom until right after the first day of Spring....I think this old world is just confused in general...or we are...someone is!

  2. Anita is being mean.. I don't want to hear about blooms somewhere else.. I want them in my yard!

  3. LOL...well did you have Daffodiles for Valentines Day?