Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daylight Savings Time!

Hello people!!!! it's your favorite Canine.........Me.......... Beautiful Penny......... just laying in the sun guarding a daffodil :)Tomorrow is DST.. This is Mom and Dad's favorite time of year!

Today we explored the front yard where Mom and Dad planted a WHOLE bunch of daffodils last fall..WITH MY HELP! If you look really close you can see a WHOLE bunch of them.. Some day they will be everywhere!

We counted 23 and then saw a bunch more that are not blooming yet after we counted. And I HELPED PLANT THEM! oh yes indeedy I did.. They would dig a whole and put the bulb in and I would follow along and 'arrange' the dirt :)

We are on the "cusp" of Spring! Lots of YELLOW! Bradford pears are trying to bloom too but we have so much rain then cold and they don't get going. They have them in Mississippi, which is not fair.. My horsey girl gets to see them though:)

"Annoying" wasn't allowed out without a leash today..heh heh heh.. Poor Lil Bro Spike didn't know we were out till we came in!



  1. You are WAY ahead of us in Spring like weather. Didn't you just have snow? The daff's are beautiful! Penny takes her job so seriously.

  2. We are slowly coming around here in the Pacific...slowly...mind you just earlier this week, Tuesday, I think I noticed our Cherry trees were starting to bloom in town. I like DST too...but I don't like going back and forth...leave it alone...the time change wreaks havoc on my sleep schedule and the littles too...they are nasty this week!

    I do love Spring the newness and rebirth of it all, one of my fave seasons.