Thursday, June 23, 2011

Graduation BLOWOUT!

Yes indeedy May was a graduation MONTH. I'm guessing nothing happened in April since it's been March since posting :)

First let me present our eldest gifted amazing grandson RILEY!!!!!!!!!!! He is now officially a Jr High boy!. As you can see by the photo he received a bundle of awards and looked SO handsome. We were very disappointed that we were unable to attend his graduation and awards ceremony but it we were in Mississippi :(

We did get to see Riley in his spring band concert and he was just beyond fantastic!

AND as you can see he won the band award.

We wish for him a very successful Jr. High career and hope he has a wonderful time in Beta Club!

Riley Stephens with his armload full of awards!

And then we were off to Mississippi to see the PRINCESS of the family Graduate from High School.

The Famous Garners of Grenada Mississippi with the Shawn Deere Tractor and barn on the mailbox! (Sunshine Farms actually)

18 1/2 years ago this little pink bundle came into our family. 3 whole days old! The very next week her Papa, who thought he had been handed a gift from HEAVEN(he had actually) went to the Credit Union and opened her a College fund. It wasn't going to be a huge amount, I think maybe $5 a week is what we could afford but almost 19 years later it's a nice little nest egg to get started at Mississippi State University! Maybe buy her clothes, her books, some lab stuff or whatever she wants. Anyway this was her getting $1,000 of her money in $100 bills.. It was fun for us and she was very surprised. It took her a while to really see how cool it was!


Papa with the girl who can do NO wrong :)

On Graduation Day we had a party for THE GIRL ~ and I do think all that love her mostest drove a car!

Caroline Mommy's best friend, Carol, brought this all the way from..................... you guessed it..........TEXAS.. It was so good to see Carol again.

Aunt Tina!

Caroline's German Sister Aischa! she's gone home now and we miss her :'(

This would be Carol! from TEXAS :)

The "Fam" watching the present opening!

Caroline and the Daddy she LOVES so much!

Riley, the cousin who thinks Caroline is just TOO cool

Aunt Kat, who Caroline thinks is just TOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOL

Uncle Daniel, who USED to be the baby of the family until Caroline and he was jealous a long time!

And this would be baby cousin Yummy AKA Liam who is in to every one's business :)

And this would Jimmy who loves to say Caroline Caroline Caroline Caroline :)

And then the GRADUATE was off in her MUSTANG!

And our most HONORABLE Honor student marches in!

So glad she got to graduate from here although I for one thought it one of the strangest graduations EVER......

Caroline and the Mama who loves the air she breathes.

Carrie and me Grandmommy!

Big cousin Linda!

Caroline with the best Parents EVER!

AND SAMMY ARRIVED! (a very good friend from Tupelo)

After graduation Caroline and a house full of girl friends arrived back at he house and they held a GIANT uniform burning on a huge bon fire and the girls all crashed for the night and had a blast.

We are very proud of this young lady and everything she does. She's working for the Girl Scouts this summer as a counselor and will be entering Mississippi State University in August studying to be an Orthodontist!

She also has a summer full of barrel racing and her mama and Daddy are trying to move to TN :)

AND THEN THERE WAS YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He "graduated" from Pre K to Kindergarten. Still a bit puzzled by that since they only change rooms BUT we got to see him sing "Kiss My Brain" :) Love that boy!

And he Got his CAP!

And his Diploma!!!!!! Hey he worked hard for that!


Some time this summer we ARE going to have a picnic and celebrate Jimmy's finishing Kindergarten! He is home Schooled and kinda got lost in the shuffle of graduations and trips and stuff but we haven't forgot ya boy!


  1. Love the video and the song Riley played on the steel drums! Very cool! Happy graduation to one and all! As for preschool graduations...they do work hard for those caps and dipolmas! ;)

  2. I love the steel drums! You had a VERY busy month. YEAH Caroline.