Saturday, July 2, 2011

Things I've learned or rediscovered :)a prelude to Buttercup and Miss Daisy's Laura Trip :)

AND HERE WE ARE ALL PACKED UP AND READY TO GO! This is how Buttercup's friends think we went :) Aren't we adorab

I did not know that herds of turtles stormed the highways in Ky, Mo and Illinois to "escape" the floods. At least 764 cracked and splattered turtles later perhaps they learned to just ride out the waves!

I did not know there were 83 different views of the Arch in St. Louis. but my Buttercup found them all! :

That there were hundreds of bard quilts in Mo. Ill and Iowa. Of course Buttercup only would stop at about 5, but there WERE that many!

There are very scary things standing by the Mississippi River!


Frightening Storms come up in the mid west. But kinda cool too:)

Have you ever seen anything this cute in your life ;-)

If we saw a sign ANY sign with Nikki, Nicollett, Nicole..etc.

This is only one sign we photographed in many directions if it was even REMOTELY Buttercup's name! One time she turned around 5 times to get just the right shot!

These are called "Pot Holes" up there if they are drained. We have pot holes in our streets!

We drove over a thousand miles to Pepin Wisconsin to see the Little House in the Big Woods and they were having a FISHING TOURNAMENT! We had to go back to Minnesota to find a room!

This is on a Thurs. and we were told they were "practicing".. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

Minnesota's state bird is the GNAT! and 5 katrillion bit hunks out of me!

And Suzy laughed hysterically and rudely at me! I could hear her all the way from Mississippi!

Buttercup made her own corn cob doll. Aren't they just precious!!!!!!??

Yes that temperature is correct. Who knew??????? of course I WANTED to go the end of June when it was cooler, but noooooooooo

Sod houses smell like DIRT! and I'm pretty sure they have worms in them!

How can a town get lost twice. Once by a tornado and once by us :)

There are horses called Missouri Fox trotters and

they live in Missiouri.. How would I know???

I live in Tennessee

There are white Pelicans on fresh water! I thought it was a deformed Swan!

I found the sweetest little bunny by the road but Buttercup said it had rabies so I had to leave it for the hawks to eat

Some people REALLY liked bowling!

That Silo's can be made of brick and have tree's growing out of them!

That pigeons pooped on Laura's HEAD!

How did we get to Hollywood and see King Kong?????

If anyone tells you that you look like a Horses Rear End, this is what you look like!

That flags could have 48 stars :) actually I remember this~

I've seen the aftermath of many tornado's but I've never smelled death,(Joplin)

Someone would actually CHOOSE to drive a car that looks like a SKUNK!

We went where???????

More about Letter boxing then I ever expected!

That my Buttercup would deface "The Kings" wall!

That I would be drug thru Memphis TN when it was 110 degrees!

That we were going to Mississippi!

But with all this I remained with my normal sweet precious disposition :)

But mostly I learned that I have the sweetest niece in the world that took me on the trip of a life time. Not just what we saw but how we saw it and how we shared it. Thank you my Buttercup :)


  1. You did a great review! I'm laughing sooooo hard. Wonderful!

  2. LOVED the post! Glad I could finally read it! I tried a few days ago but it wouldn't open for me, said the post wasn't there! Weird!

    Umm...the bowling thing I could see...the creepy thing down by the river...shiver! Loved that you and buttercup had a trip of a lifetime!

    Keep it coming! Can't wait to hear about your Laura trip!

    Thanks for the giggles today!

  3. OH MY...the funniest bit I've read in FOREVER!!! glad y'all had so much fun...but I'm not surprised at all!