Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't you just LOVE to be right :)

Now I KNOW my clothes are not going to fit in to one medium sized suitcase! And I'm not referring to the coats(they will not be going to Hawaii) But I know I will need a large bag. We will be traveling on land, sky and sea! We will leave in winter weather and arrive it 80 degree weather. We have done this before, not to Hawaii, but we have gone where it's hot at Christmas. You think you have all the right clothes and you get off the plane and the heat just HITS YOU :)

But the Saint.. He always wants to brag about how he can just throw a few things in a Walmart bag and he's good for 2 weeks .. HAHAHAHAHA.. First of all when we go by car he puts the bar across and he hangs his clothes. He knows I hate it because I feels claustrophobic! but usually I just let him.. AND he also spreads his extras all over the back of the car. But I just smile and let him carry my heavy suitcase!

So yesterday, with just 3 weeks to get our act together I begged him to get shorts out to see what he has.. I know he has plenty but this hard working Saint will have his best clothes on and pick up a paint brush or start mowing the grass! So I know I needed to check this stuff out. Well I think out of the 10 he had we found 4 that were stainless and rip less! and added his jeans and pants and he got out the bag.

About 10 minutes in to it he comes to me and says, this isn't going to work! All he has in is his shorts and his badges he wants to trade! LOL... we are going to Scottsboro next week to get a new bag! a new LARGE bag.. I'm rarely right, I love that I was~ He was good sport enough to laugh about it!

No shirts, no problem~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. This really made me laugh. No shirts, no bvd's no socks. He's going to be PRETTY at the end of your trip isn't he. I'd say a new bag is a good idea. :)

  2. LOL I just snorted from laughing so hard!!! Frank likes to brag about his packing ability when we go some place too...I can identify!