Sunday, February 14, 2010

OK..this is Valentines Day....... Not Christmas EVE!!!!!! This is the South, not Alaska! And this is where my daffodils should be blooming right now!

See my Rose of Sharon Tree's standing there leaning slightly from the ice and snow and totally confused about the weather?????????

And this would be my back yard woods.. See my pathetic little bridge thru the blizzard and the pitiful little bird house.

And this would be where my spring flowers would be bursting forth!!!!!!! and the little fishies swimming in their little fishie pond!!!!!

And this would be the highlight of my day. Some people thought I photo shopped this, I didn't I really did nothing.. He's that beautiful and he was sitting there posing for me.

Friday we took 3 little boys and one big girl and one big boy their Valentines :) They are all so cute even the big ones!

MY SWEET LITTLE SWEETHEARTS! and my sweetheart took me out to eat last night, or I should say I took him :) It was good but MAN IT WAS COLD!


  1. I'm so sorry about your icky snow. The bird picture is beautiful though.

  2. I'm with Nikki...your picture of the bird is great! I love the contrast! Your flowers would really be sprouting right now! I mean we do now but that's cause our weather is being weird right now...Glad you had a good day!

  3. Again, makes Hawaii look ALL the better:)

  4. Gee I am sorry about your snow. That is awful. LOVE your cardinal picture.