Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thankful Tuesday/Feb 2nd!YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a lot about Feb 2nd in my head but anyone is cares to read this is just going to have to take my word for it. I'm so not up to this right now. When I am, I'll try to do better.

Four years ago on Feb 2nd I was sitting in the court house entertaining Jimmy while his Mama and Daddy were in the court room trying to gain temporary custody of Riley, in a very nasty situation that grew out of a very tragic situation. Before I went to the court house I check in at the hospital on the Labor and Delivery floor to see how Katherine was doing.

Katherine had been admitted that morning and labor had been induced for her to deliver Liam! When I left the hospital Katherine was applying makeup and was in a jolly mood! Probably be till at least late afternoon! So off I go to play with Jimmy while court started at 9:00 a.m. While he and I were sitting there, I tried to teach Jimmy to say Liam.. He just couldn't get it right so I drew it out really long "LeeeeeeeeeYum"... and I said it over and over and finally Jimmy looked me in the eye and said "YUM YUM"!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO he's been Yum Yum or Yummy ever since. We really don't call him that when talking to him any more but we definitely refer to him as Yummy!
So as the morning wore on and they had a brief recess we phoned Daniel and nothing more was happening with Katherine, so back in to court they went and Jimmy and I played in the hall. Finally a little before noonish court was over, they had been given custody of Riley(to share some weekends with "sister") So AGAIN we phoned Daniel and again we were told NO hurry, she was progressing but not to worry.

So off to Cracker barrel Tina, Wayne Jimmy and I went and were just about half way thru lunch when the phone rang! Daniel says YOU BETTER GET HERE! We raced across Murfreesboro, jumped out at the front of the hospital, ran full steam up the stairs! got to the door of Katherines room......... and someone, I won't say who :) told me "oh you won't be able to go in there now" Uhhhh you wanna bet??????? Just in case someone might not know I had witness Katherine deliver Aidan and that was the saddest day of our lives, there was NO WAY I was missing this. So in I went and NO one said a word, in fact I think they were stunned :) Also there was about 10 student nurses in there and 4 nurses from the NICU just in case. besides the regular nurses and the doctor.

And in about 5 minutes out came our beautiful boy... cept he looked a bit more like a purple grape then a baby at that point :)

He didn't really want to breathe cause his cord had been tangled and so they did all the stuff they have to do and Daniel whisked him to the NICU where he only stayed about an hour and all was just peachy! whewwwwwww can we all take a breath now.?????????

So now after 4 years we have this boy with boundless energy and an infectious laugh and a scream that would clear your sinuses and who gets equally as excited over a giant cupcake as he does his John Deere :)
We are SO blessed and so thankful that we have this beautiful boy in our lives and we never ever take him for granted. We are also blessed and thankful that within a few months of Liam's birth Riley legally became our grandson and has made our family complete. When I look at pictures of them back then Jimmy looks like a baby!!!!! and he was :)
Papa takes Liam to Preschool twice a week and we get to have him stay with us on those afternoons and we have so much fun. It really breaks my heart that I can't do with him the things I planned and I know Papa is tired at the end of those days but just having him around us is such a joy.

Yes we have a whole lot to be thankful for on February 2nd!


  1. What a wonderful Thankful Tuesday. He is a precious boy.

  2. Yummy was SO tiny when he was born! What a great day this day is!!!

  3. he was tiny and got very thin but look at that boy now!!!!!1

  4. I know! Healthy and growing! And by the way, those are my fave candy on that cake! Those fruit slices...sigh...I could use a few of those right now!

  5. Beautiful yummy Liam....dang that was a stressful day!