Monday, April 12, 2010

Hawaii Day 2/Installment 3 Honolulu:)

Friday March 5Th.. Honolulu Hawaii

I slept very well, but I think Brownie was awakened in the middle of the night from the noise from the Waikiki Strip. It's the "night life" party town. (we found the ear plugs and note when we checked out :) He said it started about 4 a.m. We got up at 7 and dressed and walked down to Denny's for breakfast. Upon returning to hotel we enquired about our planned trip to Pearl City to visit Pearl Harbor. We did get a shuttle. The shuttle wasn't very full but there was one very RUDE passenger in the back talking on the phone complaining about EVERYTHING. I felt really sorry for the sweet young woman sitting back there who had to endure it. . The driver of the (overpriced) shuttle was very informative. Everyone is so anxious to please and inform.

We arrived at the Pearl Harbor Site. A little disappointed because a huge construction project going on. Wish they had told us this before we went .

If we had known, we would have hired a cab and just saw what we wanted and returned and saw more of Honolulu then we were able.

We had to get tickets for groups of things or just the Memorial site. We chose just to do the Arizona since we really didn't want to do the 3 hour tour to the Missouri or did we want to see the airplane museum. We really just wanted to see what Pearl Harbor was about.

While we waited for the boat to take us to the tour we walked around and looked at the free exhibits and went to the gift shop.

There is so much fence and plastic it is sort of hard to see a lot without being distracted.
We had to wait on the boat to go over to Memorial in a long line with interesting people.

A huge group of Japanese students(girls) were in line who went with us. They were fascinating to watch.

All in all I was really underwhelmed with this tour. It was crowded with lots of kids running around and long lines but when we were able to look down in the watery grave of those brave men, it is impressive

. And to read the names. I found some Myers.

I was especially glad to be able to see it for Brownie's sake as his father had helped to rebuild it.

After we came back across we had lunch and made some phone calls.
We watched the movie in the make shift theater( because of construction) and that was eerie. Just thinking about it being right there.

We waited there till 2:30 for the shuttle to come back.. The good part about that was seeing a red capped Cardinal! That was so cool! Brownie couldn't find the ticket to go back( found it later) and The guy was nice and took us anyway :) It was getting hot and not much shade, one of the only 2 times we were hot in Hawaii..It had rained there that morning.

When we got back to the room we took a shower and felt SO much better! We got dressed up and started walking toward the beach but got distracted at the trade center. We could see it from our hotel window and it looked so junky, but after getting there it was really cool.
Very Asian. Very funny sweet people, trying to sell stuff NO MATTER WHAT.. Got Wayne an Elephant because a little dried up Chinese woman was NOT going to take no for an answer :) it had $90 on the bottom. HA.. But we paid her something and she was thrilled and smiled and bowed~

It got dark so we never got to the beach but we had some AMAZING Mexican food! Even Mr. Picky liked it! It was really good and we were starting to get tired AND excited about the ship loading the next day!

On the way home we stopped at a deli to get a few things and decided to get our breakfast.. That was a great idea and saved us so much time. We got prepared to collect all ship things so we would be ready. We called and made arrangements to get to the ship. Lots of people in the hotel going to the same place:)!

We sat on the deck and drank in all the sights, sounds and smells of Waikiki! We love it!

We went to bed. Brownie changed rooms to try to avoid the noise. At 4 a.m. a Fire Alarm went off with a loud announcement to get out immediately that there was a fire in the Hotel! I pulled a second gown over my night gown and down 6 flights of stairs we went! It was scary! Kept thinking of 9/11. I text ed Suzy with a picture while standing there :)

We think the night clerk burned something :) Anyway back to bed and to sleep! Slept good till the clock alarm went off


  1. I'm sorry Pearl Harbor was a dissapointment. I so wanted you to like it. I am really enjoying your trip.

  2. The hotel fire alarm was nothing else!

  3. Pearl Harbor wasn't disappointing the whole Memorial was. We were told it was sinking and it's a National Treasure and it should fixed, I just wish we had kown.

  4. Enjoyed it, glad Daddy got to see it & the trip just got better.....

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  6. OK:}it was just disappointing to me. Could have seen it in 30 min and conserved some time. I appreciate what it is, I just think people should be made aware of the construction.