Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HELLO EVERYBODY!!!!!!!! IT'S ME PENNY!!!!!!!! :)

OK People, just so you know, MOM is making me write this. We had a wonderful week. Dear Ole Dad Retired.. Sister Suzy and her fam came all the way from Mississippi and of course that included Horsey Girl, whom I love very much. Also Sister Tina and her Wayne and Rowdy and Precious and Brother Daniel and our Kat and Little Bitty. It was just one just one big happy family!

THEN it was Easter Weekend and Sister Tina brought a DOG Not just a dog.. a BIG BLACK DOG with lots of energy and she acted like she was welcome at our egg hunt and at MY HOUSE..in MY Yard and breathing MY AIR!
Mom had the BRILLIANT idea to take us for a walk together around the yard and put a LEASH on me.. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL let me tell you I put that Diggy Poo in her place FAST.. Scared her to death .. heh heh heh.. cept course mom smacked me and told me NO.. NO NONO.. it got ugly!

And then my Kat and Brother Daniel were making a big fuss over her.. I was getting so mad I could SPIT!
Anyway, I got to help Little Bitty find his eggs and I was able to watch all the festivities and they kept that Poo dog away from me!

SO............... Mom is writing this for me and just so you know I still don't want that Poo breathing my air or touching my grass or associating with my people..errrrrrrrr.. I mean, I'm very sorry for not being nice to our guest ...:-(


  1. Penny,
    Diggy would like for you to apologize & MEAN it:) Just kidding, we know you're doing the best you can. Love you Penny.XXXOOO

  2. Penny! That was horrible Southern Hospitality. Poor Diggy. Maybe you'll do better next time.

  3. Practice! Practice! Practice! Eventually it will become second nature...and who knows maybe you can pull off the hospitality and no one will be the wiser...until Diggy puts one paw over the line...Next time Penny...next time!

  4. Penny, that was not nice at all. Diggy could never take your place. Love you and your people. I will see you soon.