Friday, April 9, 2010

Hawaii/Day 1 Installment 2

Hawaii Da y 1
March 4Th 2010

All 4 Alarms went off at 3 A.M.!
We slept good, got right up! Showered ate and dressed!

All the doors are shut & everything that can be is unplugged:) I decided I didn't need coat, even thought it's very cold outside. I have on a light Jacket long sleeve shirt and 2 pairs of socks! Brownie wore his warm coat though, he doesn't trust Hawaii. ~
We left our house at 4:15 and drove by the Spa.. We waved at kids :( Arrived at Tina and Wayne's at 4:40. Tina also met us to take our picture and kissed us goodbye! Conversation with Wayne made the trip to Nashville go quick and eased the nerves!
Wayne helped us unload and we sent him off! Easy check in. People all very nice. Security was easy. I had all my stuff separated correctly. Our gate was not far. We had about a 30 minute wait and were called to board. The Check in Hostess said "OH YOUR GOING ON A CRUISE!" :) Found seats by window! The airplane is on the small side. Sent Texts to Suzy and Nikki, called Tina and talked to Riley. Were strapped in to go and I'm feeling sleepy~
Woke up as plane departed, however we arrived in Dallas in just 1 hour and 20 minutes. Deplaned and took train to our gate. We ate lunch at "Fridays" we were getting hungry! Didn't have a lot of time before our plane was called to load! They are going to show movie Blind Side, but really can't see anything, we are in the center two of 3 seats. We really can't see anything and the plane is MOST uncomfortable. Six hours of Purgatory would be a good description(I borrowed that from fellow passenger) Met some people also going on cruise and a man on his way to Australia. But after the torturous 6 hours we landed in HONOLULU!!!!!!!!
I would rate American Airlines from one to ten about a 2. US Air is a 1 :)

It was the middle of the afternoon there but by the time we got a shuttle($20.00!) it was getting late in the afternoon. Our arrival time was 3?20 their time. The air feels warm and slightly humid but nice. Lots of Shuttles waiting. The one we picked (just our luck) didn't have a clue where the Hotel Waikiki Aqua was! He didn't want to go on the "interstate"(which is hilarious, what state is it connecting) so he went the "back way" and it was nearly dark by the time we got to the hotel!

He took us on a bit of sight seeing on the way to hotel however and that was kind of cool. We saw Waikiki Beach and the houses stacked clear to the top of the mountains(volcano's) I wondered if they ever just slid off the side of the mountain but was assured they did not..hmmm not so sure about that.

He also pointed out a large pink hospital up on the side of the mountain.
It looked like a resort! All of the drivers are very informative and very much ambassadors for Hawaii. Many people all on the beach, it's a beautiful afternoon. We also drove by some beautiful city parks and saw lots of tents. Found out these are homeless people. They make them leave at 7 at night but they come right back.

Anyway..........after 2 hours since we landed (and WE ARE TIRED) he found the hotel after checking his map a dozen times :) We were the last ones to get off shuttle. The hotel address was in the suit case in the back.sigh~

But we found the hotel! it is in a very busy part of Waikiki. (found out later the party district) Not fond of having to climb stairs to get in to hotel but we did! Our room was on the 6Th floor but the hotel people very helpful. The "Hawaiian" as everyone referred to him made sure our luggage was brought to our room, although it was about a half an hour and we got slightly concerned :) Found out they referred to him as the "Hawaiian" because there are very few authentic Hawaiians, in Hawaii.

I love the room.. It has 3 bedrooms and a big bath with a tub(later we were SO glad that we had that 2 nights!) It over looked what looked like a "shanty town" from the roof but it was really called the "International Trade Market".
The whole view had the look of what I would think would be China.. Also had the smell. Not dirty, just sort of thick with a lot of cooking smells.

After we regrouped and cleaned up a bit we decided to venture out. We found a steak house close by and notice a "Denny's" close so we can catch breakfast there. Lots of cruise people at the hotel and restaurants. Thought we might find someone to share ride in Maui when we rent car but didn't get right connection. Forgot to get post cards! they will have to wait~

GOING TO SLEEP!!!!!!!! I think we've been awake about 36 hours now :) BUT WERE HERE AND WE LOVE IT!


  1. FUN! This is too fun to read!!!!

  2. It sounds like a very looooooooong day. Really really fun though!

  3. The airplane looked like of my dislikes about boundries with people...they are in your personal space and you in theirs. Sounds fun!