Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hawaii Day 10/Volumn 11 Leaving Hawaii and Arriving home

After arriving at the Airport and returning our car we rearranged our carry on bags before going through security.
We had approximately 4 hours to wait. Finding the gate and getting thru security was no problem. While sitting and waiting we had time to go through our pictures and delete the real out of focus ones. We still haven’t gone thru all the little videos yet!
They had a really nice cafeteria and we took turns eating, so we didn’t have to drag bags around. The food was good. The Airport is getting fuller and fuller! Lots of people like to leave at night I guess.
We both changed in to warmer clothing as the Airport was cold and should the plane will be too. Our plane was already sitting there and since most had already checked in, it loaded early.

This plane not as big as the one we came over in. By the time it was loaded it was JAMMED. Grumbling people in front of us is always a drag but no one wants to LEAVE Hawaii!
Poor Brownie is stuck in middle seat. Flew all night and we did not sleep. It was dark in LA when we landed at LAX. We landed at about 6 a.m. Pacific Time.. I think we were on “Island Time”?
We had a 3 hour wait. Ate some gross breakfast thing. Got a couple of magazines but NOW I’m SO sleepy. Got up and freshened up and changed some clothes again. Called or texted girls.
I was so sleepy getting on this very crowded plane. Poor Brownie is still in middle and he was miserable. Rough trip for him. I slept for a couple of hours; I think he just dozed a little.
Arrived on time in Nashville

and I got to wear my artificial Lei for Tina.

Tina and Riley met us! The pointed out we flew with Ted Danson and Mary Steenbergen!

WHO KNEW ! We don’t fly first class~
Our entire luggage arrived! That was kind of a shocker since we had not seen it in 48 hours and you never know!
Got home took shower and slept for 10 hours. Our Furry children did great and the girls at the spa were very kind.
All the grandkids loved their gifts!

Next Day Brownie had to work and found out he is retiring. Sort of a stunner to us but it’s all good. Now we can go to Hawaii again.

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