Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hawaii Day 9/Volumn 10 Leaving Ship/Honolulu

Hawaii Day 9 Volume 10 Oahu & Honolulu

It was a restless night and the seas were a bit rough. Mostly, I think we were just anxious about the coming day.

I awoke before day and could see the city lights of Honolulu. Our bags had been picked up so all we had was our carry on's. We dressed and went down to eat. We feel so sad to have to leave the ship. We disembarked at the same location has we loaded.
No problem getting thru security and everyone was very nice and helpful. But once outside the care of the ship….MASS CONFUSION!! We finally just picked up our bags and started walking.

We were really glad we didn’t have big bags. There seem to be no shuttles, car rentals or cabs in any organized fashion. After, we waited in bit of confusion, we laughed at ourselves because we had been that way most of the week.
We spend about half an hour try to figure out a shuttle, car rental, anything. Finally we just rented a cab to take us to the Airport where we rented a car from Hertz.

We wanted to go to the top of Diamond Head.

We didn’t get to the top, but we parked along the way and saw surfers and lots of people on the beach. All beaches are public in Hawaii and it was hot and it was a Saturday.

I had worn the dress I was giving to Tina, but it wasn’t comfortable getting in and out of the car many times. SO we went looking for a MALL! Oh yeah a Mall in Honolulu, how sweet is that????
We also found a McDonalds to eat at. My stomach had been in knots all morning and I knew we had a very long day ahead.
Then we found MACY’S! We got me a cooler more comfortable outfit.

It was fun seeing what they are selling in Macy’s in Honolulu compared to Murfreesboro.
While he was waiting on me Papa called Caroline, just to tell her where we were. He asked her if she wanted an outfit and of course she said yes! So he bought her a shirt!
We then circled back up around Diamond Head and saw a big fat seal on the beach. He goes there every day the locals told us. No one bothers him. They have little flags around him to keep people away.

We also say surfers and boogie boarders and all sorts of fun people. It was a hot Saturday and they were loving it!.

AFB. We were going to get to a Post Office but didn’t find it there.

We went in the BX and got a couple of things.

This is the base that Brownie came to when he was on his way to Korea. We also visited some other military bases and sites, including one where the guard didn’t even know what it was!

It was actually a type of weather station. It was for Typhoons and Tsunamis . The guard told us no pictures. (Like we paid attention to that!).
We put places of interest in the GPS and it took us to some craters. Most had SUBDIVISIONS in them! I doubt the people living there even knew.

We then ventured to down town Honolulu, drove past China Town. There was a beautiful castle. I wish we had gone there first instead of driving around so much. Down town Honolulu has a lot of history.

We really didn’t know we were going to have an entire day, we thought we were going to have to worry with luggage etc.

Since it was getting close to evening and we wanted to eat and change clothes etc. We headed for the airport.

This was really a fun day, with nothing special to do but I wish we had known we were going to have it because we would have made better use of our time.

So the beautiful sun set for us for the last time..
And we waited..


  1. I am so happy for U, U have described a beautiful trip! too much to comment on, but I did think the seal picture was very cool!