Friday, May 8, 2009

Mom's Key West Kitchen

Oh boy it's been a LONG 2 weeks for me! oh I guess it's also been rough on Mom and Dad :) Anyway it's been sort of exciting for me~ After all I do love attention. And there was a long line of people here to get attention.. That part I love!
First Mom and Good Ole Dad had to empty the kitchen. Now that's not an easy job, I tried to help but I don't think my help was appreciated!
Last look at the Kitchen Tree!
Then the "Painter's" came.. Now our "Painter Mark" was here one day but then he past it on to Jabber Jaw's and "the kid" and things went down hill from there! Mom and Dad ended up finishing it and touching up spots.
Very early, almost before light, the truck arrived bringing our new Counter! Now that was SO exciting and a very nice man and woman came in and lickity split they had our beautiful new counters.
Then the weekend came and that's when Mom and Dad finished the painting~
EARLY Monday morning here comes FLOOR PEOPLE!!!! Oh my the bangity bang bang.. Crash
clang bang bang bang!!!!!! For 2 days we heard that! Actually I found it exciting but Mom was really over it quickly!
Mom got her curtains shortened and made to fit just perfectly. And then.........AND THEN........ It was time to move all that stuff back in!
Even Lil Brother got put away :)
Of course, lots of wiping off and spit and polish put "we" managed it quite well.
Mom is still waiting for some of her Special touches to arrive. But she has her KEY WEST KITCHEN! Her most favorite thing in the room is her collage that she had made from picture's that she and Dad took from several different trips! Slowly it will all come together.
Poor Little Sister "Annoying" had to go to the doctor today :( Now as annoying as she is, I don't want her to be hurt. She pulled a nail and had to have it removed and she didn't like that one bit. She has been laying on Mom's bed all afternoon and evening, she's feeling VERY SORRY for herself!
Sister Suzy and her Lindsey and Horsey Girl are coming this weekend. Life is GOOD!
Here is Mom's new Key West Kitchen


  1. I just LOVE your Key West Kitchen. Beautiful.

  2. Absolutely beautiful new Key West kitchen! I LOVE the tile floors. What's next? HA!

  3. Next year my living room painted again. I love it but want it just a tad lighter orange. Next this year is yard and flowers if it EVER stops RAINING! This is about to get depressing and I got more flower and yard stuff for Mother's Day.

  4. It's beautiful & despite the difficulties involved I know you enjoyed the project management:) Collecting cat figurines is FUN! too. XXXOOO Happy Mother's day:)

  5. Oh, how fabulous. So jealous! I wanna new kitchen! Nod, nod, nod.