Saturday, May 30, 2009

Penny's BUSY BUSY month of May!


Oh me oh May did fly! Me and Mom have been just meeting ourselves coming and going! It started out with Mom's BEAUTIFUL new Key West Kitchen. She loves it.. I love it too and her and Good Ole Dad are letting me in occasionally again because it's hot and I love the carpet :)
Of course Mr. Know it All Loved by All, Little Brother Spike comes and goes when he feels like it!
As soon as the Kitchen was finished Mother's Day arrived. This is one day that Mom thinks is the most important day of the year ~ All of my Peeps were here.. Sister Suzy and her Lindsey along with Horsey Girl...Sister Tina and her Wayne along with Precious and Rowdy and brother Daniel and his Kat and Little Bitty! It was a very big day and I took part of every moment of it.
Very soon there after Little Bitty had his big School Celebration for his End of School. Mom and Dear Ole Dad, his Mama Kat, his grandma and Sister Tina and Precious came to see him seen his "Bumble Bee" song. They were so proud! I on the other hand was very offended that I was NOT allowed to go!
Then the very same night Precious had his Preschool graduation and the WHOLE FAMILY(cept for sister Suzy's fam) came and they had a wonderful night and were so very proud of that boy! AGAIN... I was not allowed to go..hmmmph.... It's their loss.
Then.. Joy oh Joy...Auntie came to visit from way out west! She was here most of the week and I thoroughly enjoyed her:) One day she and Mom walked down Emmett Stone Lane and let me come along.
Auntie is snooping in neighbor's windows !
BUT the indignity of it all! Mom put a leash on me.. She is some how offended that I go and greet my friends as we walk. How humiliating! But I did get to go with them so that's a step in the right direction~
This is Auntie with Annoying and sister Tina and Precious with me my beautiful self :)
Auntie found a frog and precious wanted to "hug" it!
Little Bitty gives Auntie a "Dandy Lion" :)
Little Bitty is reading the book Auntie brought him~
He said Bill bit his butt! No he didn't!
But Auntie's week came and went quickly and then May was over and here we are in June! I'm so excited that it's summer but I get hot:( Annoying goes swimming in the pool all the time, that is NOT for me.. I do NOT like to see the bottom, I prefer the the big murky pond!
I'll be back soon~ Hope we all have a wonderful summer!


  1. The first picture looks like Penny is saying HELLO!!!!! I love your Key West kitchen and it was a very FULL month.

  2. You don't say you were looking through the windows too. It was much too short a time and I really enjoyed just sitting around.

  3. I was taking your picture HOW could I have been snooping :)

  4. The key west kitchen is going to make it seem like summer in your house all the time:)
    I'm glad the dang ol' month is over..but it was nice to hang out with Auntie Lea and I'm very proud of my boys..let the summer festivities BEGIN!