Monday, May 18, 2009

More trucks..more men..more excitment!

Oh Yes.. I awoke this morning as Dad arrived home from work.. Always my best days, cuz I know I don't have to wait for Mom and Dad isn't leaving! But hmmmm Mom's up early too, must be something going on~ So just as I'm stretching and getting my wits about me here comes a BIG TRUCK! oh I do love big trucks, I do I do! I know when big trucks come, men come and men pay attention to the important residents of this residence!

TWO men.. count them...TWO and they pet and talk and pet and talk to me while ringing the doorbell.. I just love it. But very soon Good Ole Dad opens the door and talking begins.. lots and lots of talking and in and out and round about. And moving things and more talking.

The the MOTOR begins.. along with a very very long hose that goes all the way in to Mom and Dad's house. It's all so exciting and I could be of help, but they seem to be handling it ok without me.

Then as soon as it starts it's over! and the hose is placed back in the truck and men and Dad are "discussing" stuff.. One of the thing's is little sister "Annoying" who has become more annoying then I can stand.. They seem to be quite taken with her.. GRRRRRRR

Anyway, they are off and Mom and Dad get on with their day.. Not sure what exactly happened, but I'm now forbidden to come in and lay on the carpet! EXCUSE ME!

Dad and I have begun the garden, we are late, but we have a frost warning, so maybe a good thing. Mom has been working on putting some flowers in pots. They had a dollar sale at Lowes on Saturday and Mom spent lots of $ :)
Mom got some special flower's for CC's pot and now she's all beautiful again!
Dad spent most of the day hunting for the stuff to open the pool.. He put it away so good it took him all day to find it! Little Brother Spike loves hanging with Mom. He loves the sun and she thinks he's the cutest cat that ever lived~ sheeeesh...He is funny though and now that spring is here and summer close, he has lots more invisible creatures to sneak up on and pounce! So far he has brought Mom 3 moles, 2 birds, 1 squirrel and a very scared baby bunny(Dad saved him) He also had a 3 course meal on frogs from the fish pond one night. GAG! He drank so much water the next day Mom wondered if frogs were salty :)

Anyway, enough about our daily adventure's.. I'll catch you up on the little people in my life!

Horsey Girl got her a car! It's a Mustang just like she rides but this one she drives:) She also got an armload of awards at Awards Day at school!

Rowdy came and helped his Papa pick up sticks and saw limbs Sat. He had great fun and even got a lovely scar from it.. He was VERY impressed :)

Precious is very sick. He got shots and medicine and all kinds of stuff and sister Tina had to race him to Franklin and back to the Boro. Rowdy went with them and he was a great help. He's a good boy.. Precious must be well in 3 days.....HE GRADUATES!

Little Bitty was here and fed the horses strawberries.. THEY SPIT THEM OUT! He was very insulted

This is Little Bitty's last week of school too.. We will miss him!

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  1. I hope he got the pool set up and its warm enough to use it. I want HOT.