Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thankful Tuesday ....MY SISTER!


By the time she read this it won't be her birthday, but today IS her birthday and I'm so thankful for my sister. Everyone should have a sister and everyone should have a sister like me.
My sister and I have always be a "pair".. I've never been on this earth, without my sister and I'm so glad of that.
She and I didn't have great teenage years, because of family heartache, but we had a wonderful childhood and I have no memories where she is not part of that childhood.
I wish I were as kind as my sister. I wish I were as gentle as my sister. Not that I think I'm mean etc. but she is very kind and sweet and loving and I admire that so much in her.
My sister has had more then her share of heartache in her life, but I always picture her smiling! And thru it all she has maintained her strong faith in God and in those around her.
Last year we had the opportunity to take a trip together. We had more fun then the law allows :) We laughed and we walked and we talked and we shopped and we looked and we ATE and we drank ~ I wish we could take a trip together every year.
I wish everyone had a sister like I do. Happy Birthday dear Sister!!!


  1. How sweet! She hasn't changed a bit from those pictures.

  2. happy birthday Auntie Lea...we'll see you in a few days:)

  3. Sisters are the best.....This was a sweet blog.....Suzy

  4. You just caused me to cry. I don't know who you are talking about. I love you so much. I don't want to ever do anything to change your opinion of me.

  5. Sharon,
    Thank you for the great pictures of you and Lea. I copied them all! What a wonderful tribute to your sister, your are so fortunate to have each other!