Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3rd Day of our Great Adventure!

Woke up with a "too many hog dog stomach ache" so we just slowly ate breakfast Got our walking shoes on and were off to explore the Subway System. And by the way NO ONE should ever be afraid of the subway. It's the cheapest and easiest and your there in moments all the way across the city! We found the Port Authority Subway about 3 blocks from our hotel. They have a "fun day pass" that you get for about $8 and you can go anywhere and get off and then get back on and explore whatever else you wish. We had all our lives heard about GRAND CENTRAL STATION, so that was going to be our first stop. Except it's now called Grand Central Terminal. Upon entering it we saw lots of shops and food courts etc. and then we saw a sign to "Vanderbilt Hall" and since we have our local connection with the Vanderbilt's we wanted to see. So we walked and saw a beautiful hall. Very ornate and beautiful. We were on our way to walk around outside to see where the big entrance was when "IT" happened:( I guess I was looking up and Brownie was a few steps behind me and I just stepped of the curb that I did not see and fell forward. Most of the next 5 hours are sort of a blur to me but I will say that from the First responder cop to the Station Medics, to the Ambulance Paramedics and EMT's they were all wonderful. I was taken to one of the most well known hospitals in New York . Belview. But it is no longer a phychiatric hospital it is a trauma unit. Brownie said he had never seen so many police at a hospital before! I bet they could make a good TV show out of that place. So ANYWAY after a bazillion xrays and 15,16,17 or however many stitches in my arm I was finally released with the assurance that I would get to the Broadway Show Lion King that night!!!!!!! I had asked every one I saw if I was going to get out of there and could I go :) Expensive cab ride back to hotel and a cumbersome manner of applying makeup and doing hair, but I got all gussied up and so did Brownie and OFF we went! There are no words to described how amazing it was to sit in a Broadway Theater and see a Broadway show. Something I never in a million years thought would have been possible! I remember my Grandma and I watching Ed Sullivan when I was little and seeing bits and pieces of shows and us always bemoaning the fact that WE would never see one.. I think my Grandma was on my shoulder :) I had purchased the cd of the Broadway show a long time ago and given it to Jimmy so I knew how amazing the music was going to be but nothing prepared me for the awesome colors and costumes and the animals and I just don't even know where to stop or start. I sat there thinking of Riley when the little boy who played Simba came out. He was the same age and he was just adorable and just wonderful! Joshua J Jackson and he's 11 years old. I hope some day I can know he's become a huge star. After the show Time's Square was sort of like it is on New Years Eve I think :) Just sort of a massive crowd. All dressed beautifully, all well behaved and in happy spirits. We found a small bbq restaurant. I had very little to eat and needed something. Poor Brownie's tooth was still bothering him a lot and he was exhausted from the day of trauma. Another expensive ride to hotel in a cab and packed up to be ready to leave in the morning.That was the end of June 24th 2010 Happy anniversary to us. Next morning we had a car service again, that took us to JFK. We got there with a whole lot of traffic. (it was a Friday) Security was a bit sticky for me, I had the bandage on my arm so they had to do a complete pat down and search. She was very nice and apologized and said she hoped she wasn't hurting me :) she was not. Boarded another one of those little Delta Mickey Mouse planes but this one only had two seats on one side and one on the other so I Brownie didn't get squished and I didn't get bumped. Flight home was fast. Clear and beautiful. Just hated coming home after what happened, but would not change it. Got car, arrived home and all is well. Good to be in my bed. I started shaking and could not stop. Brownie kept piling blankets on me. I think it was just EVERYTHING. Anyway~~~~~ Loved Loved LOVED NYC wish I could go 2 times every year. at Christmas and in the late spring. So much to see. Want to do it again.


  1. Fantastic trip! I'm sorry you were hurt.

  2. I wish the "too many hotdogs" was the only pain you felt that day...oh's an anniversary you'll never forget:)