Saturday, July 10, 2010

Busy 'to do' week :)

Monday was kind of an off kilter day because it seemed like a Sunday. Nothing was open. Tuesday morning I went in to have my second round of mini dental implants. And before you cringe, yes, it's that bad :) they drill into your bone and leave a spike ~ Daniel wants me to take a picture of that along with the open gash on my arm and freak every one out.. uhhhhhh no Daniel, not going to happen. Not near as much pain this time because it was done without the stitches, but it's left my mouth really sore and I think I'm on a really good weight loss diet. YOU JUST DON'T EAT!

Wed. I finally got to see my own family Doctor about my arm wound. Almost all the stitches had come out on their own by then. It had been two weeks and he was impressed with how well we had been taking care of it. I have a very good Doctor in the house :) He talked about sending me to the wound center and we both decided ahhhhhhhhh noo lets not, I can see me ending up with staph from that. Still have a peculiar knot and a lot of bruising, and some dents in my arm, but considering everything it's doing good.

Thursday, two of my most favorite little boys and their mama and me went to see Karate Kid! I loved that movie. I never saw any of the first ones so this was new to me. I think it was one of the PG 13 things when I had the day care and so we didn't get it. Anyway we went and it was fun! This next week TOY STORY! We are going snackless though! Cost us $60 to see a movie and have a snack. good grief people. no wonder the theaters are empty! It's a great thing to do on a really hot day. That little boy is amazing that's in it. and Jackie Chan! Loved him.

Friday was kind of our day of rest. My mouth was really swollen so just took it easy.

Today was ESTATE AUCTION DAY! We love those. I don't know why, but it's just fun to watch the people and sit in the heat and fan
and bid and bring home a truck full of junk! The house was really a steal $80,000. and really most everything else was pretty low.

Not sure why they were not trying to get the price up a little. I got a really cool old table

that Brownie is going to seal and I'm going to brightly paint and either put it in the pond garden or on the front porch. (we have old theater seats on our porch LOL) Also got some fencing

to keep this big terrorist dog in our yard. it's working across the front. Lots of odds and ends of things that we can do something with.

Got a washer
that we can sell on Swap and Shop and make a little money off of it and I got 3 amazing old Albums. One is Johnny Cash with the TN Two on Sun Records, one is Patsy Cline and one Hank Williams.

All in perfect condition.

Upon leaving we found the SONIC! Had a delicious Banana Split that melted all over me but it was SO good..
and when I got home I had a plate of Fred's tomatoes. Brownie picked our first red one!

and I found I think 3 more that will be ready tomorrow.

We unloaded with all the furry children's help

and sat down in the cool house and I napped while Brownie went to see Timmy, his former partner. Timmy's not happy since Brownie's gone. I wish we could fix it.

Got clothes out for Church. I haven't been with this ugly arm, but going to give it a try tomorrow :) Onward and upward! It's July, it's hot and I love it!

Today is my dear Uncle Lyle's birthday.. I have no memories in my life that he's not in them. Every family gathering, everything. Named Daniel after him. Daniel Lyle. Love my Uncle Lyle.

And here is our Caroline with her Uncle Lyle, when she was just a little girl :)


  1. Carmen tried to sell his albums at our yard sale and the boys FLIPPED. They are back in the box. Looks like a good week. I'm glad you liked the movie. Isn't it awful what they charge? We aren't buying anything but the tickets next time either. ridiculous.

  2. I love that picture of miss C and Dad... of course, I just loved his bearded stage:) you coming to visit soon?

  3. The cost for movies is out of this world!!! Makes it really hard to take the family out and want to by snacks too! Ticks me off sometimes. Love the old vinyls you got! Love that kind of music...grew up on it...I can still hear my grandfather sining it..miss his voice

  4. Love this's all good:)