Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 2 of our Great Adventure in NYC!

We were up and attum with the alarm in NYC!!!!!! They had a lovely breakfast. Two large rooms with food piled on food. If you can't find what you want you don't need to eat! They were cooking eggs and omelets and all kinds of breakfast meats besides cereal, rolls, etc. etc.!

The Hotel got us another cab with a Turban driver :)

He took us to the Winter Garden Theater where we met our tour and tour guide!
Our tour guide was great and he explained all the borrows and took us thru the districts. The garment district, meat district, Hell's kitchen, theater district, Flower district, financial district, China town,Botanical Gardens
So Ho, Little Italy, Greenwich Village and the Brooklyn Bridge!
We didn't go go Brooklyn or Harlem though,

and I did want to go there.
•Times Square
•World Trade Center Site
•New York Stock Exchange

•Wall Street

•Trinity Church

•World Financial Center
•Federal Hall
•Madison Square Park

•Flatiron Building
•South Street Seaport
•US Customs Building
•5th Avenue
•Rockefeller Center
•NBC’s Today Show Set
•St. Patrick’s Cathedral
•Central Park
•Strawberry Fields

•Dakota Building

One of our first stops was the Dakota, where John Lennon lived and died

and his wife still lives. The Strawberry fields

at the end of Central park and the monument made of tiles I loved.

The Empire Building just takes your breath away and you know it the second you lay eyes on it! and once you see it

, you know you can look up and see it from almost anywhere.

We went to the East River to Pier 17.

There is a very old mall there and a food court that had just a little bit of everything. One of the funniest things happened to us there was the big screen TVs with the World Cup showing on them. This just happened to be the last day of school for New York's public schools so the kids were all on field trips. So the USA wins their game and the Food Mall ERUPTED! I so wish I had my camera going. kids were running and screaming non stop for at least 45 minutes. Most of them looked like they were perhaps Jamaican or South American descent and so they probably were very involved with Soccer in their schools and neighborhoods.

We had a really good Hot dog. And then it was time to board our little boat.

There were 3 levels and our guide told us to get on the right side in the middle. The guide on the ship was really very good and explained everything we floated by.

One of the impressive things on the tour was the Intrepid,

which is a museum that we'd like to see some time. and the most moving to me was seeing

Ellis Island

up close and go very close to the
Statue of Liberty. If course The first presidential inauguration was George Washington's, on April 30, 1789. The US government was headquartered in New York City at the time, so the ceremony was held at Federal Hall
in lower Manhattan.

It is a very impressive monument.
The tour made several stops with the guide on the tour and he stayed closely with us. Our final stop was The site of the World Trade Center. We saw it from inside a new building that has been constructed and also saw the one new Trade Center that has rebuilt.

It was the opposite side from where we saw it with Suzy and Lindsey.
They are still digging away and the guide told us that just 3 days before they had found some human remains. The building we were standing in was not as high as the ash and debris. You can't look at that and not be taken a back. So many what ifs.
We also found out the Ground Zero is an offensive term to the survivors. They prefer it to be called the World Trade Center Site.
We ran in to a WORLD CLASS traffic jam getting back to our starting point. None of us really minded but I think the Guide was ready to go home :)
We got to the hotel and rested a bit. I changed in to something cooler.. This was a good choice. Found a good sandwich shop with American food :) a novelty.
Brownie wanted to walk to the water. It started out OK, but oh boy that was a long walk and probably not the best part of town that time of evening. Blisters on my feet too!!!!

But the water was beautiful and the sunset and we could see the Intrepid in the distance.

Tomorrow GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL (not station)


  1. Now that is the way to see NYC! How very cool!

  2. This sounds like so much fun! Love the pictures.

  3. Great memories:)