Saturday, July 24, 2010


Started out kind of tired this week, but picked up steam as the week as gone by.. Literally I think :)
I almost got Spikey in the pool ..hahahaha

Little Bitty, or aka Yummy was here most of the week cuz his mummy has gone to work full time so that brightens up a week no matter what!

A few weeks ago I bought an old table at an estate sale for $1. We went to Walmart and spent $20 on paint and a brush and that was my project for the week.
Well it was till the temp approached 100 and then I just finished fast! Anyway it's just beautiful and Yummy painted a bird house too! I'm going to put it in my flower bed I think.
And of course Penny the Wonderdog of Emmett Stone Lane got to help.. She painted green :)

But as the heat rose so did getting the table done! QUICKLY

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!

As I said the temperature has been on an upward spiral this week.
So "POOL" was the word. It was with Yummy and his mama Kat

and cousin Riley and Jimmy even got his head wet but sister Tina didn't have time to stay and swim

:( Cousin Riley is "Jack" in Jack and the Beanstock! So we are all a twitter!

brought his "Dadda" Daniel one afternoon and swam a bit.
He gets sunburned really easy!
Yummy found a dead butterfly :( he was very sad~ but he took it home to save it in a plastic bag!

Thursday I got my hair permed for the big "trip" to the PNW on August 3. Also we have family pictures taken next Sat. man I hope it's not so hot!

So TODAY(being Saturday) me and the Saint spent most of our day by the pool or in the pool. My arm is healed much better now,

although not closed, so I can go in the water!

Me and TooSweet, annoying as she always is and the Saint

swam and swam and had a picnic lunch by the pool

and then swam some more.

AND I DID A TRICK!!!!!!!!!!

After the swim the Saint made some HOMEMADE SALSA!!!!!!
We have tomatoes everywhere!
On the porch!Beside the pool~
Even some that are trying to get TO the water.. I don't blame them! There's a flower pot in full bloom under that!

So the end of a wonderful, middle of July, week and heading in to a VERY busy week of appointments and company etc etc. and were off again!!!!!!!



  2. I would love to can all your tomatoes for you. I think you have WAY more then us. I loved your trick. :)

  3. Nikki do you know how good that fresh Salsa was?????????? If I'm raving about food you KNOW it was good.. I want to live where I can grow all my food fresh!

    Shut up about the trick BOTH of you :)

  4. I second Nikki's thoughts on the tomatoes...bring them here...I want to can them also :) As for the trick...well at least you were prepared with the gear on your face :)

  5. The TRICK picture is TOO FUNNY!!!