Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Always About Me :)

It's Me it's Me it's Penny the Wonderdog..guarder of Emmett Stone Lane~

So Here I am with my beautiful ear with the stitches still intact!!!!! HELLO I was told today I got to go see Dr. Amy and get them out! Sigh~~ They want my ear to heal more so I have to wait the WHOLE weekend.. Not that I wanted the stinging oweeeeeee stuff that goes along with stitch removal BUT I get to see my girls, and they love me:)

So off Down the Road goes Good Ole Dad in his white truck and you know who(ANNOYING (IN CAPS ) gets to go with him.. EXCUSE me this was suppose to be a day about me! So I just sort of follow Dad's truck just a little bit on My Lane! then I do realize that I can't go in to town..sooooooooooooo I go back get my pass.. DID YOU READ THAT.. I got my PASS

And I went behind all the houses down the road.. Said hello to black Bill as I went and greeted my other friends that have to stay all confined! And I go to visit my friends at Schiemed!

Well you won't believe this, you just WILL NOT believe this but even after Dad has told them to just open the gate and let me out this Nosey Office Lady( errrrr very nice caring lady) calls my Dad again to tell him I'm down there. I'm visiting! I have my pass. I hurt nothing.. I just like my head patted and attention. and that nasty little sister of mine has got all the attention and went to town.

Well just about the time they were snitching on me I slipped out of there and just beat it on home! I ran fast in case "THAT LADY" decided to 'help' again. By the time I got home I was really panting and stopped at 'my water' dish aka the fish pond and drank and drank.. Then Mom let me in the house:) Mom's like that, she loves the things I do and never gets mad at me:)
She just wants me to stay healthy and not get hurt, so I will try to do better~

So Dad arrives home and it is a beautiful day.. A BEAUTIFUL day. and he decides to put all the swimming stuff up for the winter. He puts most of it under the house. There is a little door under the house and he can stuff all kinds of stuff in there. There are also all kinds of spider webs under there. (insert Mom's shudder) So I'm busily supervising this project and Mom is handing him stuff and Annoying is doing her annoying stuff and Lil Bro shows up.. Now Lil Bro Spike is a cat. A CURIOUS cat.

OH NOOOOOOOOOOO... He's disappeared under the house with the spider webs.. I TOLD THEM AND TOLD THEM.. no one listens to me~ That boy is CURIOUS!

And of course Annoying is SO helping Dad get him out (NOT)

HELLO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Look close,, I see him do you????????? Oh that little Sneaky Snake, and he has that real satisfied look on his face~

So Good Ole Dad lures him out with kitty treats and pounces on him. He stomps off and immediately starts grooming himself because he's covered from head to toe with Spider Webs!!!!! ewwwww ick.........

After the pool toy job, Mom has this wonderful idea about what to do with the Acorns. And it doesn't involve Panty hose :) She gathers acorns, dad gets the hot glue gun and before you know it... WE have roofed TWO houses!

Mom is very impressed with herself and is considering doing the entire neighborhood. :)

I on the other hand found this activity to be a bit on the boring side so I found a sunny spot and laid there and soaked in the rays.. Cuz it is about me :)


  1. The Helper Lady needs to realize you don't NEED helped! It sounds like a good day was had by all. :)

  2. I knew you would figure out something to do with them. How cute.

  3. I agree with Auntie Lea. They're soooooo cool. Can I buy a few to give as Christmas presents?:)

  4. Helper Lady needs to be talked too!!