Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mass Murder???????

MMMMMMMMMMM Kay it's me Penny the Wonderdog, just in case you don't know and I have LOTS to report on! Something needs to be done..just sayin~

Last week Dad came home from work early in the morning and I uncurled myself and met him at the truck. Good Ole Dad brought me BBQ ribs that morning. I always love the mornings he comes from work cuz it means I am going to eat WELL!

I might add that it was pouring down rain.. I mean POURING. Dad went in the house and I went out to do my ....... ah hem..... business...

Now this is where it gets hazy cuz I'm not sure exactly what happened but something got my EAR! I just went directly make to bed and took at nap. I think naps are the best thing in the world.

So Mom has been trying to walk every day and even though it was POURING, she convinced Dear Ole Dad that this was a good thing to be doing. And I'm ALWAYS up for a walk, I'd rather walk with Mom then eat...well...lets not get carried away..

So anyway, off we went out the side door umbrella's in hand to walk up Angel Crest Lane... Now you know WHO was the leader of the pack(Annoying little sister) and you know who is NOWHERE to be seen in the rain (Lil Bro Spike).. he might dissolve ya know :)

We had a wonderful walk..warm and wonderful and pouring down rain! Down Angel Crest and back up Angel Crest and across the front yard and into the garage........ now this is where it gets interesting...uhhhh ya remember the ear part? Well, were guessing cause I was running and bouncing and having so much fun that it just open up and started bleeding!

At first Mom and Dad did not know where all the blood was coming from.. It was all over the floor, all over Mom's white car, all over Little Bitty's Gator and it just kept flying cuz by then it was bugging me and I was shaking me head....... oooooops I know, not a good idea.

Dad gets into his rag pile and Mom has a hold of my collar and they discover where the injury is. It's a very clean 2ish inch cut right thru my beautiful ear! Dad tries to hold the rag on the cut to stop the bleeding but I pulled it out cuz it smarted! and I shook my head ALL OVER THEM.. I know I'm so ashamed but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do.

So Dad leaves Mom to hold the ear and goes to find gauze or something and tape to see if he can tape it closed so to stop the bleeding.. uhhhhhhh doesn't work.. Remember the rain??? wet????? Tape is not working~

So off to Dr. Amy's I go. Dad puts me in the back of his truck and I'm fine with that, I know all good things happen when I go in the truck. We arrive at Dr Amy's office and she's a lunch...kinda what they expected so they put me in a nice warm kennel with some paper and tell dad they will call.

In the mean time poor Mom has had to wash coats, clothes, the garage floor, a Gator and her white car! It did look like MASS MURDER in there!

WELL....after Dad leaves and Dr. Amy arrives it's decided that they cannot put a shot in my ear to hold me still while they sew it up.. SOOOOOOO I'm put off in La La land... and when I wake up I feel just awful.. Just terrible awful.. This is not like the Spa treatment I usually get! I can't stay awake, I am having trouble standing, I don't want to eat.. oh the misery the misery. All night I stay there and sleep and am just miserable.. my ear hurts, I feel weird and I wanna go home!

My beautiful poor stitched up ear!

Ahhhhh Good Ole Dad is there first thing in the morning to retrieve me. I'm so glad to see him but I still feel very bad and very sad.

He brought me home and for the next three days I'm sadder then sad! but then I start to feel better and Mom doesn't think I need to lay in front of the fireplace any longer! hmmmph, so I go to my igloo with the heater aimed at me :)

So this has been my week... Every day I feel better and fitter and I am loving eating now and my muscles are not sore any longer! Tomorrow I get my stitches removed:) I am a Wonder Dog!

Just one thing, in case anyone asks... there is this Volks Wagon that goes down Emmett Stone Lane and I HATE that car. I can hear it coming from a mile a way and I hate hate hate it. I have tried to sort of catch it but I stop. If I ever get the chance I'm going to eat it!

Mom and Dad bought me something new since I don't hear so good any more:) This is so people can see me... Can you see me??????

Mom calls me "Flash" :)


  1. That's funny:)

  2. I'm so sorry Penny got hurt. I love the picture of her in front of the fireplace trying to be carpet colored.

  3. Oh, poor poor Penny. Blood is a mess when they shake their heads. Get well soon Penny dog, I love you.

  4. How do you block people selling stuff? or delete them.