Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spike and the disappearing squirrels!

We know it's thankful Tues. but neither Mom or I feel great so it's going to have to wait for another week~ It should be Thankful Tues. for Suzy's birthday on Thursday, but since last Thursday Mom talked about her birth, we don't want to over do it! :)


When Mom and Dad moved here they had lots and lots of squirrels! They have lots and lots of Oak Tree's and they attract squirrels~ BUT about a year and half ago Lil Bro Spike came into our family.... Mom LOVES Bro.. I love Bro.. But the squirrels, uhhh not so much:)

This is Mom's Spike.. She loves him so much. She thinks he looks like he's wearing a necklace:) He is marked so pretty!

So back to the squirrels and the Oak tree's.. Remember what "Mighty" Oak tree's grow from????? yep little acorns.. We have LOTS AND LOTS of little acorns~

We've been outside a whole lot this past week, and we have seen only 3 squirrels! THREE! hmmmmmm...who would be responsible for this?????

Yep...Mom calls him a "Sneaky Snake" :) We had one very funny episode with a baby squirrel, Spike, Annoying and uh hem... moi ~ The baby squirrel won that round!

The other day Good Ole Dad went skateboarding on the acorns.. well sort of.. Mom found it amusing~ We have LOTS AND LOTS of acorns!

Mom wants to know something constructive to do with them???????


  1. Sting them on something like fish line and make a necklace for Cricket, Elvis and the others. Hmmmmmmm Probably not. I don't know.

  2. I'm still picturing goog old dad skateboarding...

  3. Put a bigger bell on Spike? Poor UB slipping on acorns!

  4. wasn't really a skateboard Anita, just very big feet and a hill :) He didn't hurt any thing~