Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday...I can't think!

I wish I could think of some gem to just grab every ones attention! But I'm tired. I'm not thinking good. There are days like this. Yesterday I was able to drive to town, first time in many months, today we walked down the road but it was hard. But I'm grateful that I was able to walk down the road. It's cold though and I don't like cold. I should have worn a hood:)

Today is my daughter's birthday.. I love her.. She now has a teenager who is almost 17 :) Caroline is all I ever prayed for~ You know the kid that screams bloody murder in the grocery store when you tell her NO.. and you just want to get OUT.. yes, she did that to Suzy ...heh heh.. In fact I think she's done lots.. But Caroline is really a good girl and so was and is Suzy. They are both just so full of....... SOMETHING!

Then I had a daughter that was so quiet and peaceful, you would forget she was even there! She would have been an easy child to just neglect, but she wasn't neglected and she made up for all the sweetness when she hit puberty. I can even remember the day. I was brushing her hair, and this sweet obedient child just grabbed the brush and screamed I'LL DO IT MYSELF.. I think aliens got her.

Then there was a long pause and I had a little boy. He was tiny and sweet and very spoiled. But he was always very well behaved. Maybe too well behaved. He was sort of like me and always a rule follower in school. But he made up for it on the skateboard:)

I read and hear from my own kids about how they are up half the night with their kids and I don't relate at all. I think my kids woke to be fed for about a month and then they went to their own beds and slept. It didn't occur to me that it would be any other way. And I would have heard if one of them lost an eyelash! They woke up early and watched cartoons when they got older and Daniel would get scared and come get in bed with us but I don't remember any of this all night stuff. When they were sick I'd be up with them. Tina use to get high fevers and get very weird. She says she still sees strange stuff when he temp gets high.

Penny gets her stitches out tomorrow.. She had a happy face all day. I hope this doesn't hurt her.

Jimmy went to the doctor today and is getting a change in medicine. I hope it makes him feel better. Tina has so much to do.

The Saint and I cooked dinner together tonight. It was very good! I let him clean up:) I'm generous that way.

I watched Survivor and it was better this week. Last week I was about ready to stop watching.

I hate what happened in Ft. Hood.. I just can't wait to hear FOX news reports on this. I won't know though, cuz I have that channel tuned out.. Not cuz the president said to, I did it years ago. It was just easier on my blood pressure.

I saw Bill O on The View this morning and he said Whoopie was jealous of him LOLOLOL.. I just started laughing, she almost came unglued as did the rest of the panel. I'm guessin he probably won't be playing that little bit on his show :) I tried to think later, what he thought anyone would be jealous of him for?

Spike is curled up over here beside me. He shares my office every night just until it's time for him to be put up and then he evaporates!


  1. I'm glad you got out and walk even if it was cold. Spike cracks me up.

  2. Those dang aliens:)
    Your sweet obedient daughter,

  3. LOL @ Tina.....I bet we were all Grandma n Az prayed for :D