Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Picture Day~

Christmas picture day! This is because Mom can't find but ONE pic of her and Good Ole Dad this whole year. And it wasn't very good.
Now it's Mom's idea that all of us Canine and Feline children be in the picture and have red neck ribbons besides :) Not "redneck" ribbons but RED. NECK. Ribbons..heheheh
Well let me tell you how all of this went.. First of all Lil Bro Spike has been in a mood for 2 days..he chased Annoying in to Mom's lap last night. Which we all found amusing.
Dad tried his pretty red harness on him first.. He played "Dead Cat..Flat Cat" again! So Mom got the red velvet ribbon cut and placed on each of us respectfully.. That's about the highlight of the picture taking.. It went down hill RAPIDLY!
Can't you just see the look in Lil Bro's face???????? ewwww.. this is not going to be pretty.

I think right here is when he started warning Dad! You know that deep scary growly thing he does when he goes to the Spa? Same sound.

As you can see I am bored with it at this point and am checking out Jesus and the 7th Dwarfs and Annoying, is ready to sprint across the lawn to chase another dog! AND about this time Spike inserted his claw into Good Ole Dad's palm !

And this photo was taken about 1 second before Good Ole Dad THREW Lil Bro :) Notice I AM trying to keep the peace!We finally decided that having Spike in the picture just wasn't worth it.. This pic would have been fine but me and good ole Dad have our mouths open like we are catching flies and Mom thinks it makes her butt look big :)

You'll just have to wait for the winning PICTURE!

And Mom has decided NO MORE group pictures. She tried and tried to find one.. Thought she had and realized sister Tina wasn't in it.ooooops. No more tongues sticking out, ugly faces being made, lips pouting, faces hidden, someone hiding behind someone or someone holding a small dog in front of their face!


  1. Made me laugh. We need to get one somehow too.

  2. And then you just add kids into the whole mix and it gets really interesting!

  3. I had 10 kids sticking out tongues, making faces etc. I'll stick with the cat.

  4. Our family would be 10 adults and 9 children 11,9,7, 3-5yr olds, 2-3yr olds, 1-1yr old...CHAOS!