Monday, June 15, 2009

Red Blackberries!

It was a hot day~

Guess what Mom and I found???????

RIPE BERRIE'S right under her office window.

Every year they keep producing and get more delicious with time! Mom does not know what they actually are. But they look and taste like Black Berries..EXCEPT....... They are RED! So she calls them Red Black Berries:)

And Brother Daniel Got to go To Bonnaroo!!!!! Yeah Danny~

And they are all gone for another year and we all survived :)


  1. so I was trying to figure out what your red blackberries were....went to Google & your blog came up on google :) 8th entry down, I just put in red blackberries & there U were...U should look yourself up :)

  2. That is way too funny! I tried to find out what they were and it just kept giving me red Blackberry phones.