Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thankful Tues/Kay

Today is easy for me but it's also hard because I could write a book. I'm so thankful for my very best girl friend in the word, Kay. Or Katy as she has always been to us :) Today is her birthday.

I first met Kay when I was 9 years old. I was a little bit of a city girl moving to the country and she was in the 4th grade row at Lacamas Grade School outside of Roy Washington. She and Shirley, who was also in the 4th grade became life time friends, as well as Gina who was in the 3rd grade row. But I digress :) this is about my Kay.

Kay is truly the closet friend outside my immediate family that I have and I've remained close to her for almost 60 years. Kay was little with dark wavy hair and blue green eyes and painfully shy. But that didn't stop me. I can still feel her little hand in mine while we ran and played in the playground as little girls. We knew all secrets big and small.

Kay's house was one of the very few homes I ever went to stay at over night. It wasn't that I wasn't ask, or not allowed. But even way back then I preferred to be home so most of the time she stayed with me. I just adored her Mother, Lillian.. She was a hairdresser among her many other jobs! And she use to cut my hair and some time's style it. Mrs. Harlan, as I always referred to her, and I shared the same birthday on December 27th and frequently celebrated together. And every year Lillian gave me a piece of "Old Rose" china for a tea set. This is what it looks like today. Every time I touch a piece I think of my Kay and her mom.

I have 100's of photo's of Katy but the one at the top is my favorite.. That is so "US" ! We loved animals but mostly we loved dogs. We played that we WERE dogs.. We dressed up dogs, we trained dogs, she even named one of her dogs after me :)

Katy called my Grandma "Grandma". I think she also sometimes called my Mother Mama. She still has pictures of my Grandma up in her house. My grandma, mother and father and sister all loved Kay. She was and is a gem.

When we were just little girls we promised each other we would be each other's "Maid's of Honor" at our weddings.. She absolutely was mine but I had to bow out of hers and it broke my heart. I had a baby due on Nov 2 1961 and that's her anniversary. That baby who carries Kay's name was born on Nov 5, 1961. Kay was a beautiful Maid of honor in her lavender dress and halo of flowers. I was so proud that she was standing with me and so proud that our dream came true.

Kay lived with my Mom and Grandma and stepfather for a while after graduating. I think to be closer to her work or school or something.. But I know she stayed with them and I saw her a lot that year.

Kay and I went to different high schools and got married to men in the military and moved far far away from one another. But never ever have we lost touch or lost the love we have for each other. We still talk on the phone and of course email and whenever I'm out west we visit and she's come down here 2 or 3 times and we have visited. I remember her coming to Tupelo MS to my daughter, who is her name sake and getting to see her all grown up with her own little girl~

Now Kay and I are all grown up with grown up children and grandchildren. She's a much better friend then me because she never forgets any of my family on birthdays or Christmas. I have a problem remembering my own.. But I don't forget Kay's. This year I took my littlest grandson with me to pick out her present. I hope she loves it because Yummy thought it was just BOOTIFUL!

I truly could write a memoir about Kay and I. So I'll stop and just wish my friend, my dearest friend a Happy Birthday and pray that we will get to see each other again.

Here are Kay and I in 2006 when she visited. I wish I could go back to that day~

Notice who IS IN THE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Kay! What a wonderful friend. Before I finished scrolling down I said Oh look Penny.... then you had written it.

  2. Yes, Aunt Kay is wonderful. I know she'll love her present! Hope her birthday was terrific!

  3. I loved this blog entry.....U have a wonderful best friend, I love her too!