Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thankful Tuesday/The Wildbirds


We rarely see the male Ruby Throated Hummer's. They do not help the mama's on their nests so they are rarely around.

I wonder what in the world Mrs. Robin is going to do with this mouthful!

We have 2 kinds of wren's.. Carolina wrens and House wrens.. This is a Carolina. I think they are just about the cutest.

Tina got me this "Acorn shaped" bird house several years ago.. I took this picture a couple of hours ago. It hangs on my arbor. I think they are blue birds. We really need to take it down this fall and refinish it. It's housed many many babies!

This is part of my front porch. Many bird houses, all full and several ferns have nests and babies too!

I also just took this picture of a blue bird. You can't see the color in this picture. But they are beautiful.. Very blue with rusty colored breasts. We never saw blue birds in Manchester.

A Grackle and an Eastern Blue Jay at my feeder outside this window. The Eastern Jays are very big and very pretty.

Liam's bird house and his baby bird :)

Quite a gathering! A Blue Jay, A female Cardinal, a Red headed woodpecker and a Mourning Dove!

Mr and Mrs Cowbird and a Male Cardinal. I'm not real fond of Cowbirds they lay eggs in other's nests and don't take care of their babies and cause the other baby birds to die. Mother Nature I guess. I never tire of looking at Cardinals.

More of the same~

An English Sparrow in my Cedar Tree/Christmas tree. We bought this the first year we moved here and planted it so we could have it lit in our front yard, so we don't have to have a tree in the house!

This is the view I get of the hummingbird when she's feeding and resting at the feeder. This picture cracks me up. Sometimes she flies at my colorful clothes!


House Wrens... Last year they had a nest in my garage. We don't even want to think about what happened when they left the nest! I think they are SO CUTE.

Wake me when it's time to eat...

My sainted husband brings them food from work every day. And they holler and fuss when they spot him coming home!

Carolina Wren. We had one fly in the house once and it landed on top of the curtain and jumped on a finger and allowed to be carried out!

Black capped Chickadee. They are almost as cute as wren's but not as tame.

Wild Turkey's that we saw with their babies just one road over from us.

Baby birds that I climbed up to see and take a picture in Manchester. (a long time ago)

The Turkey Vulture... Somewhere I have pictures of a whole flock on the ground but I can't find it. They are actually quite incredible and quite gross birds!

Today I am so thankful for our beautiful wild birds that we have in this area of Tennessee. I spend a great deal of time either sitting here looking out my window at the birds(in the morning) or laying in the front porch spring watching them build nests and eat at the bird feeders.
I think if I could be any other living being I would be a bird. They look they so enjoy life and they have boundless energy. I've read about how far some have to fly to migrate. Of course some are here year round.
If you lay and stare at them long enough they can be very comical :)
I'm glad I have these wonderful creatures to entertain me all year long! Thank you birdies... I know that I don't have pictures of all our birds but here's some I see ~


  1. I love all the bird pictures, but the baby birds are the best :)

  2. Those are beautiful pictures! You live in The Wild Kingdom. I love the babies and Liams the best.

  3. Beautiful pictures, but yes, that one that you took from over here with the babies is indeed the best. Were they blue jays?

  4. I loved reading your post today (I know I'm late) I have a bird feeder too and the boys and I love to watch and be still when they are at the feeder. It does while away the time watching them and I do love it too.

  5. I don't remember what those Manchester birds were but I sort of think Robins. They are sort of blue when they are babies. I don't think Jay's would build that close to the house.

  6. the crows with the french fries are cracking me up!