Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Busy Week by Penny the WUNDERDOG!

OK it's me Penny from Emmett Stone Lane, back again.....sigh....stuff happens!

OK now people...listen up... I'm sorta embarrassed but I'm doing my job and sometimes involves a little more territory then I'm assigned to! So last Monday I'm off to check on my peeps at Schmiede's.. I KNOW it's not Emmett Stone Lane BUT it's in the vicinity! and I know these people, they have even given me my own visitors pass! So "Lady in the Office" gets all in a tither and looks at my tags and shuts me in the TOOL CRIB!!!!! EXCUSE ME! and then calls Dad.. Now this is where the embarrassing part comes in. She called Good Ole Dad.. I know..total humiliation! Dad told her to just let me loose and I'd come home, but OOOOOOOOO no this "Lady in the Office" is worried about me. So Good Ole Dad, had to come and get me and bail me out.. He even brought my visitors pass to prove I belong! Stupid woman! oooops sorry, "nice lady in the office"
So then things were just going a long swimmingly and I was sticking pretty close to home. I don't want someone calling and "tattling" again! Little Bitty even came and saw me.. He got the biggest blow pop I've ever seen.. I sure did want a bite of that but Brother Daniel snatched it away and put it somewhere Bitty and I could not find it! hmmph~~~
Then I got up and it was just a little on the Nippy side so I decided to go visit my friends, who don't have as much freedom as I have got and we played! Problem is they are "younger" notice I did not say "young" and sometimes when we play they do tricks I can't do and I seem to have strained a muscle!
Because it was cold, my poor muscles just got tight and sore:( and I had a hard time getting in a position I was comfortable and it started to rain and it was cold and oh MISERY!!!!! Mom saw me pacing around in the front yard and called me in to the house and I laid there most of the Day till Good Ole Dad called my Dr. Amy!
So off we go to my favorite Dr. but it hurts to move and sometimes I just cry and I feel bad cuz they all feel bad but it's cold and I'm not so young and it hurts! So Dr. Amy checks me over and I told her loud and clear where it hurt!!! She gave me a shot, which didn't really hurt and I started feeling better right away, but I sure wanted to go home. She told Dad to keep me quiet and warm all weekend :) I loved that part~
Of course "Annoying" is in the house so it's not all I wanted!
So all weekend I got totally babied..
Little Bro Spike is my buddy so he came to fuss over me too :)
I love it so much I cannot tell you! Cept I had to take yukky pills and they don't know it but I spit them out sometimes :)

Good Ole Dad fixed me and Lil Bro Spike clean beds and a heater! HOW GREAT IS THIS! of course brother would prefer to sleep on the top of his house but Mom doesn't allow that~

This is me on cold nasty Sunday..Does life get any better????????
Then on Monday the SUN came out and it warmed back up and I feel so much better.. Still got a bit of a kink but Little Bitty came.. And Good Ole Dad has been working on his Gator.. and OH MERCY DID WE HAVE FUN! We went all the way around the block and it took us an hour cuz Bitty has to check the air in the tires and under the hood and various other things, he thinks up :)

So here I am after a week of ups and downs.. Dr. Amy will see me tomorrow and maybe do an X-ray. not sure what that is??????? I love my little family and friends and my neighborhood!


  1. Penny I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope you are better soon. I totally think you should have been allowed a lick of the blow pop.

  2. That's a HUGE lollipop! I hope you are doing better Penny!