Friday, October 9, 2009

Sometimes it's ok to get angry~

I had an amazing(I hate the overused word awesome) story from Penny today.. I have pictures and dialogue and everything and then I got home and opened my mail.

Today, I had a relatively good day. I mean compared to the last month I had a really good day. We were able to go out and do a couple of things and even ate out, which I never do if I can get out of it. Then as I said I came home and opened my mail.

In the mail is our Church's newsletter. Now of all things this is one thing that I really REALLY look forward to. I have not been able to attend Church since last Dec. for a variety of reasons. And this, and Marie's prayer list, keeps me connected. So of all things, this should not be something that makes me angry!

I will totally admit I have a problem with one of our staff members. I use to be able to just laugh it off, but then it became a weekly issue with me. He cannot get up on Sunday morning without expressing his political viewpoints and beliefs. Now I have no problem with him having ANY political beliefs, but I have a huge problem with them being shoved down our throats on Sunday morning.

For many years a large section of our church has set quietly and politely while this personal political agenda was beating us over the heads weekly. And I know he must be SO angry at how the election turned out that he must be on blood pressure medication :) But, you know the people spoke.. A huge majority and it's really time to sit down and shut up. Not about spiritual matters at all! But these are not spiritual matter's when you speak of the "destruction of or moral fiber runs all the way from the White House!"

I don't know if all the "powers that be" in our Church approve of him writing this visceral hatred that we are subjected to weekly, but I do NOT approve and it's my Church too.

Now most people know that I have been basically housebound over the past 3 years. Almost completely over the last year. It is not something that I take a banner out and proclaim every week, and those that are interested DO know this. During a period of hospitalization this past summer, I had a phone call left on my voice mail from someone I've known for about 40 years.
And it's quite possible that he doesn't know how sick I've been, and so I've been I think extremely understanding.

Anyway, during this message he asks if I "still consider myself a member of the Church?". uhhhhh yeah I do, but if I'm costing you money in some way feel free to remove my name! I didn't answer in that way but it did cross my mind:) I think they were doing a check of the roll for the pictorial. But I won't deny, it offended me. It offended me a great deal! But I let it slide. My daughter and grandson still go there and I want them to have a loving Church and I think they do. And I do believe you can choose to be offended or not and I chose not to let it drag me down and I got to the point I could laugh about it. (I wonder when he gets sick if I can call him and ask him the same things :) )

So this brings me to today' s Newsletter and how "our" and I do repeat OUR president is destroying the moral fabric of this country.. not my president, not yours but every citizen of this country. No, dear phone friend, I have not left our Church but I fear our Church has left me.

Then I remember many years ago when a friend really didn't like the pastor of the Church and was going to change Churches (we all know the church hoppers) and I said to that friend. I will still be there when he is gone.. And Jesus was there before and will be there always.

So, yes, I will still be here when he has moved on. Although my husband wants to change immediately... we will see.. I was angry, now I think I'm just sad.

So now I will go to bed and pray for this man and pray for myself. Although, since he is perfect, I'm not sure what I can pray for him? But I know lots to pray for myself!


  1. I just can't find anywhere in my bible where it says hate someone into loving the Lord. Just can't wrap my brain around that. Thank you for choosing to not be offended and for your prayers for that man.

  2. Whew! I hope you feel a little better writing it out and getting it off your chest! Hope you have a restful sleep.

  3. No I don't feel better. I would feel better if he was banned from his politcal garbage in the newsletter and from the pulpit. I just wrote of one tiny incident. and I might ad I've been a member of that Church (the body of Christ) longer then he's been on this earth. So I have privelges :)