Thursday, October 22, 2009



OK.. EARLY Wed. morning, I just know.. I mean I KNOW somethings happening cuz Mom's up early and Good Ole Dad has the back of Mom's little car open and is stuffing stuff in! I'm excited, but then I realize, it just isn't going to happen for me~'s OK, cuz if they are going I'm going to the SPA!!!!!!
So Lil Bro Spike decides to play "games" with Good Ole Dad and makes him run all the way to the mail box to tackle him! He gets him and shoves him in to the carrier, with some CHOICE WORDS. Lil bro is, of course, protesting.. GRRRRRRRRGRRRRRRRRRR.. It's really hard to get that sound down because it's really unique! But he does it quite well!
I of course happily jump into the back of Dad's truck, even though I have a sore neck!

Then just as Good ole Dad rolls out and Mom starts to line up her stuff, she looked out the window and here's what she saw.. Except when she first saw it Black Bill was in her front yard! and his silly owner was trying to lure him with a handful of food.. Actually he is very gentle and came right to Mr. Neighbor:) But it was a funny site~

So me and Lil Bro spent 2 days and one night at the Spa and Lil bro did not stop his mantra the entire time.. I think he sort of intimidates the girls there! HA ..they don't know him like I know him..
And Dr. Amy looked me all over and proclaimed me BEAUTIFUL.. oh and that I just had a sprain in my neck and I'd be all peachy keen in a few days.. Still have Yukky pills..(still know how to spit them out too) I got a beautiful new kerchief and I had a wonderful relaxing couple of days.. Most of my friends were not there, guessing cuz it's not a holiday~ sad
And of course you know WHO did get to go with them! Speaking of SPITTING.. I could JUST!

IS MOM KISSING HER????????????????? I may be ill~Home again Home again...... My Igloo, my family my neighborhood!!!!!!!


  1. lol "I may be ill" That just made me laugh. I'm glad everyone is home safe and sound.

  2. So Penny, where did Mom and Dad go? Some place wonderful I hope!

  3. How fun to go to the spa Penny! I hope it was relaxing for you.