Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday WINNING THE LOTTERY:)

I love to watch the shows about people that win the lottery and all the stuff that happens to them. I really like when they are smart about it and do what makes them happy.

I know everything I would do if I won a kazillion dollars..and I don't want to win if I don't win a BUNCH! First and Foremost I would take half of it and hire someone very smart to put it away and help us to decide what WE want to do.

Then I would take 10% of the entire amount and give it to Charity. I know my Church would get most but there would be conditions.. I'd want it to go to the Preschool Program and have tons of scholarships for kids. I'd want excellent teachers hired also, but the children would have to be top priority.

I would then turn my attention to my 3 children. I would pay off all their bills( no I would not give them the money to do it) and I would let them choose a home they wish to live in for the rest of their kids growing up life and have it built for them, with all the bells and whistles. Then I would give each of them a percentage of the money with no strings. If any of them wanted to further their education(children or children in law's) we would pay for that~

Next I would move on to my Grandchildren. All of them would get a new car when they turned 18.. by this I mean brand new, whatever they wanted. I think I would give each of them a substantial amount of money but unless they finished college and pursued a career, the money would not be theirs till they were about 35. I think that would give them time. And I would also pay for all their education IF they made average or above grades.

After I took care of my 6 children and spouses and 4 grandchildren I would move to my sister's family. It would depend a great deal on how much is left over I suppose but I'd like to do the same for them as for my own. It would just have to be divided further.

I really believe in education education education! Doesn't have to be University college but education to prepare yourself. Just wandering thru life doesn't work. I think we were lucky that we grew up in a time that the draft was in effect because you HAD to go in!

Anyway..that's sort of my overview of my wealth that will never come my way because I never in my life have bought a ticket!

Maybe next week I'll think of what I'd do for my husband and me ......hmmmmm tummy tuck?????? for both :) Hair transplants?:) I wanted a home in Canada for summer, in Florida or the Islands in winter and be in TN during Spring and fall. Now that's a start!

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................... that's my thoughts for this Thurs. Penny will be around tomorrow :)


  1. Sounds perfect...the thing is you have to actually PLAY the lottery to win, I can't seem to get past that one:)

  2. well gosh darn, there's my problem right there.. I don't even know HOW to play the lottery :)

  3. We can't ever remember to play either ... but your plan sounds really good. Would be interested in hearing what you would do for you and Brownie.

  4. I don't know how to play either, I did once in portland and the convenience store clerk didn't really enjoy having to educate me on the process:)

  5. I really just want someone to give me a whole load of money, saves me the time and education of how to play the lottery and the horrible decsion of what ticket to play or what game...too much effort!