Monday, October 26, 2009

A Sunny Sunday Stroll


What a beautiful day in our neighborhood! It was sunny and warm and Mom wanted Me and Dad to walk with her :) unfortunately "Annoying" pushed her way in the outing! Lil Bro Spike wanted to go so bad.. But when they tried his harness on him, he played "dead cat, flat cat" so he got left in the house.
We got to go to the fancy new subdivision across our busy road and I just LOVE that place.. It has 20 acres, and there are now 8 NEW HOUSE! only 3 people living there though~ But because there are a few people(and a couple of canines) living over there, we can't go exploring! And that was the most funnest thing we did!
I just love this picture, you can see Mom and Dad and ME! but NOT ANNOYING!
I've been in all over that subdivision and in all the houses, up the stairs, in the closets, basements..EVERYWHERE! I love doing stuff like that. And that was back in the days that I didn't have to have a leash on cuz no one was there~ Now they have to lead me around.. WHATEVER!!!!!!!
I Got a Pork Chop when I got back~
This is Mom's Oak tree she can see out her window!
GOOD OLE DAD'S amazing Watermelon!
Anyway it was a lovely walk and after we got home Mom and Good Ole Dad went to see Bitty for a few minutes
Bitty got a MONKEY SUIT!
and Annoying didn't get to go.. heh heh heh..
I love Autumn and I'm feeling GOOD!

This is "Grandma's Mountain" :)


  1. What a great walk! Uncle Brownie's watermelon looks great. Grandma's Mountain looks beautiful.

  2. I love the picture of Grandmas mtn~

  3. That would be fun to grow a watermelon...I'll have to try it some year!